Policies & Procedures Disclosure

Date of Publication

April 3, 2024

Education Provider Certification

License with Lauren LLC (Education Provider #1774) is certified by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The Commission’s address is 1313 Navaho Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609. Any complaints concerning the Education Provider or its affiliated instructors should be directed in writing to the Commission. A link to the Complaint Form is provided on the Commission’s homepage.

Per Commission Rule 58H .0204, the Education Provider must provide each prospective student with a copy of the Education Provider’s Policies & Procedures Disclosure (PPD) prior to payment of any non-refundable tuition or fee. The PPD, which is required by the NC Real Estate Commission, outlines Education Provider policies plus the rights and obligations of the Provider and the student. A signed certification that a student received a copy
of the PPD must be retained by the Provider.

Certification of your receipt of this document will be verified during checkout and retained after your course purchase(s). Checking the box at checkout that you have received and read this document, and subsequently paying for your course(s) certifies your receipt

Full-Time Officials & Faculty

Amanda “Lauren” Dahl is the Education Director and Instructor of License with Lauren LLC.

Course Descriptions

General Update
The General Update (“GENUP”) course meets the annual requirement that brokers attend a 4-hour update course developed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and administered by approved Update Instructors. This course is NOT for brokers-in-charge or BIC-eligible brokers.

BIC Update
The Broker-in-Charge Update (“BICUP”) course meets the annual requirement that brokers-in-charge and BIC-eligible brokers attend a 4-hour update course developed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and administered by approved Update Instructors. This course is not for non-BIC/non-BIC-eligible brokers.





License with Lauren LLC shall not discriminate in its admissions policy or practice against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national origin, familial status, handicap status, or religion.

Tuition & Fees

Our all-inclusive course fees are as follows:

  • 4-Hour Update Courses – Synchronous (live, online via Zoom): $49
  • 4-Hour Electives – Asynchronous (self-paced, online): TBD
  • 75-Hour Prelicensing – Asynchronous (self-paced, online): TBD
  • 30-Hour Postlicensing (POST 301, POST 302, POST 303) – Asynchronous (self-paced, online): TBD
Cancellation & Refund Policy

License with Lauren LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses as needed. In the event that I cancel a course because of unforeseen events (instructor illness, technical difficulties, weather, etc.), a full refund will be issued.

Please note that no refunds will be given on purchases except in the case stated above in which License with Lauren LLC cancels the course.

Please ensure that you are taking the correct course for your continuing education needs and that you meet the hardware and software requirements listed below before enrolling in a course.

Course & Reference Materials Required

Unless otherwise stated in the course description, all required materials will be provided as part of your course tuition.

Course Completion Requirements

Course completion requirements are as follows for synchronous, live courses (via Zoom):

  • Student attends and participates in at least 90% of the scheduled instruction.
  • Student provides their legal name and license number to the education provider.
  • Student presents their pocket card or photo identification if requested.
  • Student personally performs all work required to complete the course.
  • Student does not skip the last 10% of the course unless the absence meets the conditions set forth in 58A .1705(b).

Self-paced courses are considered complete when student accesses all the course materials for the required amount of time, completes all quizzes, and passes a final course exam (if required).

Note: All continuing education electives must be completed within 30 days of the date of registration!

Hardware & Software Requirements

All my courses are delivered via synchronous (Zoom) or asynchronous (self-paced) online access using an industry-standard learning management system (LMS) and are accessed by most common internet browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox).Dependable, preferably high-speed internet access is required.

For live courses delivered via Zoom, students are required to have a microphone and webcam.

Student Conduct

For live online courses (via Zoom), students are expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully as follows:

  • Be on-time for scheduled instruction.
  • Have video enabled except for scheduled breaks.
  • Raise hand to speak out loud, or ask questions in chat.
  • Refrain from engaging in side conversations in chat so as to not distract or misinform other learners.

Students who talk out of turn, surf the internet, text excessively, make or accept phone calls, or who work on activities not connected to the course will be removed from the Zoom classroom, and credit will not be given for the course. No refunds will be given to students removed from a course.

For self-paced online courses, students are expected to access and and review all the materials and complete any included quizzes and/or assignments. The courses are set up so that learners are required to access video lectures for a required amount of time, and students will have 30 days from the date of registration to complete any self-paced elective courses. Any attempt to bypass these requirements will result in the removal of the student from the course. Again, no refunds will be given to students removed from a course.

If a student is discovered to be cheating in any manner during an examination, the student will be immediately
dismissed, will receive a failing course grade, will not be eligible for any retake or makeup policies, and will be
reported to the NC Real Estate Commission [per Commission Rule 58H .0203(h)].

Technical Support

For technical support, call or text me at 828-279-4700, or email me at

Certification of Truth & Accuracy

I certify that the information contained in this Policies & Procedures Disclosure is true and correct and that License with Lauren LLC will abide by the policies herein.

Amanda “Lauren” Dahl
Education Director

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